The Unexpected Target Run

Tara Wilken
2 min readDec 9, 2021

Sometimes its the Small things

Photo by Daniel ODonnell on Unsplash

Story time…

This past Sunday was a 3 time Target run.

By this point in the pandemic I think all of us expect shortages on various items.

Last Sunday, my mom and I did our Target run in the morning.

That night we decided we needed a highchair for a toddler coming over.

We looked at various places and several were back-ordered.

At the Target closest to me, we found the one we wanted and there were 2 left.

So we decided to run back and pick it up.

By the time we got back to Target both were gone.

We looked at the next closest Target and they said they had 1 left.

We knew the chance was slim that they would actually have it in stock, but we decided to go anyway.

There are main roads between the Targets or there is a back way with a-lot less traffic.

This is where my story changes.

The back way is through more residential streets, and when we got on it, there were so many houses decorated with Christmas lights. Both sides of the street and several side streets had lights and decorations everywhere.



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